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The isle of Anglesey might seem like a quiet little island, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t packed out with plenty to do. There is always plenty happening in Anglesey and that includes your events where you’ll be needing the best dining around in Hog Roast Bangor. As a specialist caterer we will put out a menu of the best roast meats and freshly prepared foods available from high-end local stocks and farms, and turn your event dining experience into a worthwhile event of its own.

For the largest island in Wales we have plenty of ways to excite, entertain, and feed your guests at events. Our namesake hog roast is a much beloved go to, and will in general be all you need for the perfect event dining experience, but with the many beachy dunes and golden coastlines of Anglesey we find that our gourmet barbecue menu is also an excellent option for those sunny outdoor events, or our southern slow roast menu adds a bit of smoke and spice to the occasion while our Alfresco menu is perfect for those lighter events. And of course you can pick from any of these incredible dining options no matter where you are in Anglesey, as Hog Roast Bangor can provide catering for any of the many locations across Anglesey below!

Trearddur Bay

Our dining is designed specially for events to bring the best out of the day, and so that means we do far more than just put a meal on the table. Our authentically made hog roast special provides the entertainment…and the great tastes too! If you have never before experienced the spectacle of an authentic hog roast then prepare to be amazed, and then prepare to be amazed again once you actually get your hands on it to take your first bite too! Hog roasting puts a whole pig atop a spit and allows it to turn over many hours over a bed of flames so that the entire pig is well roasted, ensuring a nice natural flame-licked grilling across the crispy and flavoursome pork skin while the meat inside remains tender and juicy. It looks incredible at work and somehow tastes even better than it looks too!

With the majesty of the island of Anglesey this majestic looking and tasting dining experience will fit right on in. Hog Roast Bangor is here to provide special moments to special events in an extremely special place, so get started just find your location in the list above and get speaking to your local Hog Roast Bangor team today!