Hog Roast Bangor

Hog Roast BangorThe cultural centre of Gwynedd, Bangor is the place to come for large- and small-scale events. For such events here in the historic cathedral city, you’ll want a caterer that can rise to the occasion and provide your event with a dining experience that more than matches the location; a caterer, perhaps, like Hog Roast Bangor.

At Hog Roast Bangor we’ve put together a unique and special dining experience just for your events in Bangor. We like to take our dining and make an event of our own out of it, and we do that primarily through our namesake hog roast which has it all when it comes to event dining. Our speciality hog roast is made in the authentic spit roasting style for added brilliance, both in how it looks when cooking, and how it tastes after several hours slow roasting to perfection. A nice meaty charring with tender, juicy meat inside is what you’ll get with our incredible hog roast, as well as plenty of fresh accompaniments too to make it a feast worthy of an event.

For your corporate functions, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and more in Bangor we have put together this premium service all for an affordable and perfectly flexible pricing structure to work to your budget without ever limiting you on quality.


Dining Done Right At Hog Roast Bangor

Hog Roast BangorWith fresh ingredients and meats from top end local sources, our foods go that extra mile in delivering you a perfect meal. Following a fresh slow cook done over hours on the day of your event, our brilliant team of friendly servers are here to serve you up a smattering of incredible dishes pulled fresh from our finished hog roast. Plus, with many quality food items Hog Roast Bangor can guarantee that we’ll see every one of our customers right. From quality meats to brilliant vegan concoctions, vegetarian delights and gluten-free dishes, you can’t go wrong by hiring us. Hog Roast Bangor will work personal to your needs and budget as our team work to find a set-menu or buffet combination to perfectly match the style of your event.

So, if you have an event upcoming in Bangor then get on over to the fine team at Hog Roast Bangor today!