Hog Roast Caernarfon

Hog Roast CaernarfonA UNESCO World Heritage Site, Caernarfon is a town quite like few others in Wales. From historic castle sights to waterside walks, Caernarfon is an excellent place to host an event, and when you do you might want a caterer that can match up to the more traditional, authentic feel of the town. With Hog Roast Caernarfon and our stylish hog roast dining experience made special just for events, you can get just that.

Hog Roast Caernarfon are specialists in unique event dining designed to bring style and spectacle to the occasion, as well as, of course, great tastes and textures too. For us the clue is in the word after all: event dining. We want to make your dining experience feel as special as the occasion it is for, and with a location like Caernarfon and its sightly historic look, we can’t think of many dishes more suited than the authentically made hog roast.

As a caterer we provide the proper spit roast experience to add that much needed specialness to your event, plus for our money the spit roast method makes for an even better finished roast too. You’ll find yourself with a mouth-watering roast, perfectly textured to have crispy skin full of flavour with tender, juicy meat too. Plus, since we cook it on the spit we can serve it straight from here too for added effect for your event.


Hog Roast CaernarfonBespoke Catering In Caernarfon

Whether you need us for a wedding, corporate affair, festival, anniversary, social nigh or more then Hog Roast Caernarfon are more than capable of offering up fantastic service to be remembered, no matter your budget or occasion. We’ve got a whole host of ways to keep you well fed here at Hog Roast Caernarfon. Complementing our namesake roast is an exceptional variety of meat dishes, vegan sides, veggie mains, gluten-free substitutes and more! Our team here are dedicated to providing quality service that works to your event specifically, striving always to bring you the foods you want, the services you want, and the top quality that you of course deserve!

So, remember that Hog Roast Caernarfon is yours today for any kind of event. You need only call or message our site now!